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  • Courses leading to an ASA certificate in teaching and coaching

  • Seminars accredited by the ASA as professional development

On this site you can find information on a number of jobs in aquatics, including how to get into that role and what the next steps are.

There are also a number of educational resources that can be accessed to help you improve your aquatics knowledge.

Got your sights set on becoming a swimming teacher?

If you have a love for swimming and want to know more about a career in swimming teaching or coaching then you have come to the right place.

If you are someone who takes to the water just as naturally as dry land, your ideal career path just might be in a swimming pool, teaching youngsters to swim. Or you may have already given serious thought to become a swimming teacher and have stumbled upon our site. Don’t click away just yet; IOS Online is the best place for you to find out all that you need to know about swimming education and learning online.

Swimming training courses and Swimming teacher training at its best

Being able to swim is one of the most important skills for anyone to possess. Learning to swim and being able to manoeuvre safely in the water is of utmost importance for everyone of any age group. If you take on one of the many swimming teaching or coaching courses, you will find that there are many people out there who want to learn to swim.

The many career options available for a qualified swimming teacher

For someone who has obtained a swimming teacher qualification, there are many career options to explore. For some, swimming is much more than just a survival skill. Just about any aquatic sport is associated with swimming skills. In addition to being of professional use, some people go swimming to help ease their stress levels while others are more interested in the weight loss aspects of the sport. When it comes to our swimming teaching courses, we offer different training programmes for different teaching aims. Whether you wish to teach beginners or coach professional synchronised swimmers, the right training programme can be found on our site.

Swimming teaching courses for the ambitious

Becoming a qualified swimming teacher is a truly unique opportunity for you to explore employment possibilities in a whole new light. If you are determined to offer some of your expertise to those who are willing to learn, why not try out one of our many swimming coaching courses? They will provide you with the necessary guidance to follow your dreams on becoming a success in the water sports arena. In addition to the honing of your inherent skills, the many swimming teaching courses will present you with the necessary knowledge and assistance to develop your teaching methods.

The aims of swimming teacher courses

The objective of the many swimming teacher training programmes that we offer is to turn swimming enthusiasts into successful teachers and coaches. In order to achieve our goal, we start by allowing our future swimming coaches to develop unique methods of successfully teaching people of age groups to swim.

We are fully aware that teaching methods differ according to the individual or group of students. For instance, some may be looking for a coach to teach them how to swim as a survival method; some want to just swim to relax while others have the intention of becoming professional athletes. Training methods for are different for each and it is necessary for our future swimming coaches to be well aware of the different learning needs of different individuals if they are to provide teaching services at a successful level. In addition to the right guidance, swimming coaches need to motivate their students to work hard to attain their goals. When it comes to the course content of our swimming training courses, we assure you that you will receive all the necessary guidance to become proficient, hone your existing skills and acquire the necessary new ones.

These are the qualities that you will develop from our swimming teacher courses. Aspiring swimming teachers will have the necessary skills and qualifications to take advantage of employment opportunities available at many locations across the country.

Swimming coaching courses and swimming online

Our website’s aim is to provide information and resources to those who yearn to start a career in swimming teaching and coaching. Whether your hopes are to become a swimming teacher at a school, a provider of swimming therapy guidance or to coach potential Olympic athletes to bring home gold medals, we can offer you a stepping stone to achieve your hopes and dreams.

ASA swimming courses and ASA swimming teacher courses for beginners

All of our swimming teacher courses are accredited by the ASA, which is the governing body for swimming in England. ASA swimming courses and ASA swimming teacher courses are offered in many aspects of the water sport arena. You will have a complete range of aquatic training courses at your hands right here at IOS Online. The selection of the right course for you depends on your preferred area of providing swimming instruction. With an ASA swimming teaching or coaching course, you will have the ability to apply for employment opportunities ranging from coaching swimming to toddlers to Olympic grade synchronised swimmers, divers or water polo players. The possibilities of employment are as incredibly varied as the courses that we have to offer.

Level 1 swimming courses and Level 2 swimming courses

Our ASA accredited swimming teacher training programmes will certify students with the relevant qualifications to embark on their careers. Level 1 swimming courses and Level 2 swimming courses are available to those who are interested in becoming professionally qualified swimming teachers. What we can guarantee you, regardless of what level of swimming course you enter, is that you will always receive complete guidance to achieve your aspirations and to reach your goals.

So, if the thought of coaching aspiring swimmers is attractive, why not take up one of the many ASA swimming teacher courses and ASA swimming courses to make your dreams come true. The IOS Online is the ideal place for you to find out all about becoming a qualified professional in the trade of providing swimming lessons in a matter of a couple of clicks. We are intent on providing you the best of services from the moment you register with us. So, dive in and book your place for your perfect swimming coaching course today.

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