IoS Memberships

IoS Membership

What is IoS Membership?

IoS membership provides personal accident, corporate and loss of income cover as well as civil (public) liability of £20 million. This is one of the highest provided by a sporting governing body in the whole of the UK.

The IoS is a professional organisation - to be eligible to join you need to hold an ASA, STA or RLSS UK Teachers and Coaches Certificate (minimum qualification ASA level 1 or equivalent), in any discipline. Membership may also be open to holders of additional qualifications approved by the ASA or RLSS as qualifying standards which will be considered on an individual basis.

Being a member of the Institute of Swimming (IoS) provides a package of valuable benefits:



·         £20 million worth of comprehensive insurance cover in civil (public) liability,

          personal accident and loss of income


·         Free legal representation and legal expenses insurance cover


·         Unlimited access to professional advice on employment issues


·         National recognition of your qualifications by employers


·         Personalised membership card – proof of your credibility to employers


·         Annual subscription to Swimming Times (RRP £26)


·         Free E-Learning CPD's


To apply for IoS membership online click here.


Any Questions?

For general IoS membership queries visit our FAQs for individual members or swim schools.

For more help, please contact us on 01509 640 746 or email and we’ll get right back to you.