Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) 

RPL is an alternative route you can take to gain a qualification if you already possess the skills and knowledge and therefore do not require any tutor support, mentoring, delivery or learning resources. It requires you to provide relevant and sufficient evidence against the criteria laid out in the qualification specifications and can prove to be time consuming as those going through the process are required to familiarise themselves with the qualification specification and then map the evidence they upload to specific learning outcomes.

The RPL route requires learners to provide evidence which meets all the learning outcomes of the chosen qualification/s. You are required to upload this evidence to an online assessment platform, PebblePad, for which you will gain access once you have booked onto RPL.

We assume and expect that those who come through the RPL route are experienced Teachers/Coaches and would therefore already have the majority of evidence readily available. Those who decide to join RPL are usually granted a period of 4 weeks in which they need to gather their evidence and upload it to their workspace.

There is no guarantee that you will gain your qualification through RPL, you will still need to provide evidence that meets the required Awarding Body standards. If you do not meet the required standard you will be provided with alternative options, which may have costs attached.

If you would like to be considered for RPL, please read the learner journey document.

If you are considered to be suitable to complete the programme please book here.

If you are are considered not to be suitable please contact for further guidance.

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