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L2- Water Polo
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    Water Polo
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    Sarah Dunsbee,ASA East Midlands Region,Blended Learner
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You must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the course.

Learners must hold an ASA Level 1 Award (QCF) in Coaching Water Polo, ASA Level 1 Water Polo Assistant (Coaching), ASA Water Polo Assistant (Coaching) or equivalent. 

Additional Important Information:

Learners will be required to provide formal identification and present this to the Course Tutor on the first day of the course. This should be photographc ID where possible, the following list details accepted forms of ID:

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • ID card or other form of national ID
  • National Insurance Card
  • Photographic security pass for current place of employment
  • Armed Forces service ID
  • Re-enrolment of known student (record as ‘returning student’)
  • Exam certificate
  • Birth certificate (and corresponding marriage certificate if applicable)

We will also require learners to complete some documents and hand these to the tutor on or before the first day of the course, such as Emergency Contact Forms and Duty of Care forms (where applicable). These will be included in your final confirmation letter which we send to you approximately 2 weeks prior to the course start date.


ASA Water Polo Coach


This is a Blended Learning programme which means that learners complete part of the theory units online, this work is assessed and then learners complete all e-learning elements prior to attending the face-to-face practical units at Hucknall.

You will be able to begin your online learning from the 3rd April 2017- we will send you an email with details of how to begin this on or before the 3rd April 2017. You will have until 48 hours before the first face to face date successfully complete your online learning.

Please read carefully through the other details on the page so you know what this course entails.

Dates and times for face to face units will be:  

Face to face course dates & times:

17th June 10am-4pm

18th June  1pm-6.30pm

1st July 10am-4pm

2nd July 1pm–6.30pm

16th july 1pm-6.30pm

(times subject to change)

If you are interested in attending this course please contact Sue Paget on


Building on the knowledge and skills developed as an ASA Water Polo Assistant (Coaching)  the ASA Water Polo Coaching course focuses on the planning, delivery and evaluation of coaching sessions.

The certificate aims to provide and equip you with the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to effectively plan, prepare, deliver, monitor and evaluate a series of Water Polo sessions.
This certificate is endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).
All Coaching Certificates are awarded electronically, via an e-certificate and through a third party organisation, who are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and are accredited to both ISO 9001 (Quality Standard) and ISO 27001 (Information Security). If you require a hard copy of your certificate you can apply for this following receipt of your e-certificate.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning uses a combination of delivery methods to help you through your course - arrangement of both e-Learning for theory work and face-to-face delivery for 2 days for practical experience. You need to have completed all of your e-Learning prior to attending the face to face days. For further information on blended learning and FAQs please read through our detailed Webfolio by clicking here.  Not sure if Blended is for you?  Take a look here and try before you buy!

By registering onto this course you are agreeing to undertake elements of the course prior to the face to face days. The guided learning hours for the online learning and completion of assessments are approximately 18 hours.

Why pick a Blended Learning approach to complete this certificate?

  • First sport in the UK to offer a blended learning delivery programme for Level 1 and 2
  • Flexible learning to meets the needs of you as a learner
  • Industry leading eportfolio system that encourages reflective practice for lifelong learning
  • Green – environmentally friendly!
  • Your time, your pace, your environment
  • Interactive communities for you to talk, network and share best practice with your peers
  • A real ‘live’, dedicated assessor allocated to your learning
This vocational course is designed to provide you with an introduction to the knowledge, skills and understanding of the safe and ethical principles for effective coaching practices in Water Polo.
As an aspiring coach this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to actively support a more senior qualified, experienced, licensed coach of swimming, in the delivery of a pre-prepared session.
This certificate is endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)

System requirements for online learning

  • Laptop or PC with Windows XP or higher Mac with OSX 10 or higher
  • Adobe Flash Player installed
  • Our recommended browsers are Google Chrome or Firefox when using PebblePad
  • An internet connection is required to complete this course
  • We currently do not support tablets



On successful completion of this certificate you should be able to:

  • Understand the legal requirements of coaching water polo
  • Know the responsibilities of a Water Polo Coach
  • Know about the role of the Water Polo Coach in promoting water polo
  • Understand the scientific principles in water polo
  • Understand the training requirements for water polo
  • Know about nutrition and hydration for a water polo player
  • Know the technical and tactical skills needed in water polo
  • Be able to plan for water polo coaching
  • Be able to coach water polo sessions
  • Be able to demonstrate session management skills
  • Be able to demonstrate communication skills within the Water Polo coaching environment
  • Be able to use a variety of appropriate coaching methods to meet players needs
  • Be able to develop players technical skills, tactical knowledge
  • Be able to demonstrate motivational techniques
  • Be able to support Water Polo players and Water Polo Assistants
  • Be able to evaluate own performance
  • Be able to plan for professional development

The certificate is assessed through a variety of methods and activities in the form of observation, written evidence and/or verbal discussion.  Your tutor will help you to understand the different sorts of evidence that are acceptable and appropriate, and what the methods of assessment to be used will be. Practical assessments will be conducted through observation in your natural working environment.

Recommended Reading

For the recommended reading list for this, please visit Wavepower 20106-19: The ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.

Further study
If you are successful in obtaining this certificate, you are eligible to seek coaching roles through employment or volunteering opportunities. You should look to develop your learning and knowledge of this discipline by working with other, more senior qualified, experienced, licensed coaches.
Your personal development options include
  1. To undertake some of the professional development seminars offered by the IoS
  2. To undertake a Level 1 Award in another sport
  3. To undertake an ASA Assistant Coach in another discipline
  4. To undertake an ASA Coaching Certificate in another discipline
  5. To undertake the Head Coach Certificate in this discipline
Course Syllabus

To gain access to course resources please log in or book on the course.


This course provides all units for the following qualification:

ASA Water Polo Coach

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